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Short Bio:

As a visual effect artist, Muqeem Khan’s motion picture credits with Walt Disney and Square USA are Deep Rising, George of the Jungle, Flubber, Armageddon and Final Fantasy. He holds a Master of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Besides teaching interactive design, graphic design, interior design and concepts for emerging technologies at Virginia Commonwealth University and Northwestern University in Qatar, Khan has been teaching predominantly 2D/3D animation classes for over 12 years in the Arabian Gulf region. He has also served as a member of the technical committee for The International Association of Science and Technology Development (IASTED), Alberta, Canada. Khan strongly thinks that a creative individual should be searching, isolating, managing and manipulating the methodologies of multiple knowledges. In his current doctoral research, he is looking at capturing and analyzing indigenous dances and their repeated patterns for Augmented Learning (AL) based serious gaming environment. He is pursuing this goal with the use of procedural animation and motion detecting technologies in the context of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH). Beside filmmaking and other creative genres such as poetry, calligraphy and painting, Khan also loves music and as a percussionist, he has been performing Tabla with various musicians around the world.His animations and mixed reality experimentations can be seen at: www.muqeemkhan.com

Khan considers:

  • film” is an amazing collage of condensed or stretched time;

  • “arts and design” are organized visual thoughts in a static or dynamic form. Their boundaries are extremely porous. One could be more inclined towards emotionalism “art” and the other could be more expressive of pragmatism “design”; and it is a purposeful, systematic and creative activity. An “art” is an expression, self-realization or interpretation of the surrounding; it is screaming in an abstract manner;

  • “music” is an organized way of feeling an auditory sense. It is a predictable and pleasurable activity for auditory senses. This concept is more explanatory in the context of rhythm where we could predict a well-defined pattern and maybe as fast as a nanosecond. Possibly this neno-recognition satisfies human desire to predict the future. Hence music may be called an "Auditory Nano-Recognition";

  • “technology” is a ubiquitous transporter of human evolution.

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