Program in Media Industries and Technologies,
School of Communication,
Northwestern University in Qatar


Cultural Myths and Old Sayings:

The art of moving digital elements involves both technicalities and artistic acuities. It is much easier to learn the technical aspects, but to comprehend the related observational skills is much more subjective and forms the divide among the learners. The key factors involved in the creation of good animation are a sense of timing and familiarity with the audience's emotional desires. In the following animations, the instructional emphasis is given to developing sensitive eyes and segregating working and non-working dynamics within the paradigm of narrative development. In these short animations, students also attempted to fetch and distort cultural myths and old sayings with known feelings that are associated with them.

| Amit | Kaltham | Lama | Sara Kawas | Lolwa |

| Latifa | Shahad | Maaria | Thamar | Sarah A. |

| Maryam Rayahi | Maryam Darwish |

ChromaDepth Animation:

Students in MIT393 (Computer Animation 2D) used ChromaDepth technology, which optically transform colors to create a hologram. Animations and images based on ChromaDepth appear as completely normal but they jump into holographic reality when viewed with particular glasses. These glasses use sophisticated micro-optics to transform color images into true stereo 3-D.


ChromaDepth Self-Identity:

The collage is a visual representation of an idea. It allows you to use your imagination as you select visual symbols, images, photos, and so forth, which depict events, feelings, and attitudes on a given subject. Summarize your life and attitude in a Digital collage based on CromaDepth technology.