Program in Media Industries and Technologies,
School of Communication,
Northwestern University in Qatar


Cultural Heritage helps a community define its current and past identities for itself as well as for others. Heritage has tremendous power to elicit a sense of belonging to a community. Nearly all the cultures in the world have their own methods and ways of preserving their customs, festive events, oral tradition and objects from the past. In this project, you are asked to revitalize and stimulate one or more cultural elements from your own heritage. Look around and observe what is missing? What was there that you do not see anymore? What has been blurred from your memories? What are those moments that your parents and grandparents say they have seen, but you do not see or hear them now? What are your childhood memories? How have those memories been transformed into another form of memories? What is that gape that you see between your parents, grandparents and yourself? How has this rapid development influenced your behaviors, relationships and livelihood? What would you like to see in your surroundings that it currently not there? How would you like to influence other's actions? What would you like to hear? What would you like to listen to? What are those moments that you enjoyed the most in your life? What are those memories or moments that you still vividly remember, and how do you connect them as a narrative? What do you feel when you see something related to you, but it is not there anymore? What do you feel when something around you is triggering your anger, happiness, sadness, and speechlessness?

| Zaina | Kaltham | Ramon | Aliya | Camila |

| Lama | Sarah | Hawra |